Double bass "Testore" style

The very model of the famous double bass manufactured in 1716 which belonged to Giovanni Bottesini. It is made on a flat back with the use of walnut or black poplar wood. The belly has got a big camber and the asymmetric “F” hole cut is true to the original.

Double bass "Testore" style with symmetrical "F"

Testore style with same features as previous but symmetrical “F”.

Double bass "Montagnana" style

Instrument manufactured under the inspiration of the magnificent double bass of the Master from Venice in 1747. The outline was softened up and made asymmetric keeping unchanged the measures of the diapason and of the body with its big cambers that give the inside of the sound box a significant volume.

Double bass "Piattellini" style

Inspired by the double bass of the Master Luigi Piattellini from Florence in 1791. Property of “Scuola di alto perfezionamento R. Franci” in Siena.

Contrabbasso modello "Garosi"

Modello costruito su richiesta del Professor Walter Garosi.


Cello Stradivari style.


Simone e Damiano Verdiani
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